• Laser

Lasers are used to treat facial pigmentation marks, acne scars, rosacea and spider veins around the mouth and eyes.

Dr Friedli currently works with 6 different lasers, each dedicated to a specific use. Different lasers may be combined during the same session.

The most common treatment to lighten brown spots. Besides the specific pigmentation laser, brown spots and blemishes can also be treated with the peeling laser Fraxel Dual.

This same technique can be used to improve skin texture, and remove acne scars or spider veins around the mouth. In just a few sessions, this treatment gives a new brightness to the skin.

Dr. Friedli has performed over 1000 sessions to date. His expertise and know-how are invaluable to minimise risks.

Depending on the type of treatment, redness, swelling or small crusts may develop and last 1-5 days, especially around the eyes.

Dr. Friedli can also treat rosacea or small angiomas with a pulsed dye laser. This treatment is considered effective and fast, and has very few restrictions.

Price: CHF 300-700

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